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Health Benefits of Fermented Pickles

Raw, naturally fermented vegetables are enjoying both a cultural and scientific renaissance in recent years. Many studies are showing that including these foods in our diet can improve our health from gut to brain.

"One of bacteria's greatest tricks of all is to combine forces with other creatures,
taking up residence in or on their bodies, possibly even their cells,
trading various metabolic services for their upkeep." - Michael Pollan, Cooked

Healthy gut, healthy bodies

A young customer enjoys Real Pickles' Organic Dills

Research is demonstrating that improved health of our gut microbiota can contribute to our overall well-being. The "microbiome" of our intestines carries 100 times more DNA than the entire human genome. This complex community influences our health in many ways and is highly impacted by our diet. By consuming foods rich in probiotics, we can improve the health of this microbial community, as well as our general health.

Excellent source of probiotics (1,2)
Similar to those found in yogurt, probiotic cultures produced during lactic acid fermentation of vegetables are known to have many health benefits, such as
  • Improved intestinal tract health
  • Enhanced immune system function
  • Improved availability of nutrients
  • Decreased allergies
  • Inflammation relief
  • Protection against microbial infection
  • Maintenance of gut flora that may help to control weight gain and appetite (3,4)
Improved pediatric health and development
May reduce cold and flu symptoms and the need for antibiotics. Contributes to pediatric immune system development. (5,6)
Possible cancer risk reduction
Evidence shows that probiotics may reduce the risk of colon cancer. (1,7)
Improved mental health
Recent studies suggest that gut microbiota communicate with the central nervous system and positively impact brain function and behavior, including anxiety, mood, cognition, and pain. (8,9)
Fast gene evolution and adaptation
The gut microbiome acts as a "hot spot" for horizontal gene transfer between microbes. This increases the potential for adaptability of our intestinal health to both external and internal stressors. (10)

Beets and pickle brine for exercise

Some studies show an association between inorganic nitrate intake through beet juice and blood pressure reduction. Pickle brine has been shown to reduce muscle cramping. (11,12)

Increases nutrients, decreases anti-nutrients

Lactic acid fermentation produces important antioxidants and nutrients, such as folates, which are important for fetal development and blood cell production. It also degrades anti-nutrients, such as phytates, which decrease mineral bioavailability and protein digestibility. (13,14,15)


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Real Pickles products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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